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A finance tool to ease pre-qualification & credibility

TechRevo (TR) Credit Report not only provides you with a comprehensive overview of your credit information and history, it also provides you with a great understanding about your loan affordability and creditability to banks.

TR’s credit report is extracted from various different licensed institution in order to generate a full and comprehensive report for any loan application.

In TR’s credit report, you can get yourself a financial health check & credit score review before you submit a home loan application!

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Register, Login & Verify Email in TechRevo Site


Financial Health Check

Get your finance a health check and detect errors and issues on your CCRIS Report


Fix your errors

Fix your Errors (Late Payment, Legal Issues, Bankruptcy, Blacklist, and No Credit Card)


DSR Calculation

Allow TechRevo to calculate your total commitment, and find out your DSR(Debt Service Ratio)


Loan Eligibility & Decision

You may decide which bank give you the best offer based on your DSR & Loan Eligibility.



Submit your loan application to your desired bank.


Important Features that
work the same as bank.

Personal Detail

With a credit score. A credit score is calculated based on your debt payment behavior. If you always paid your installments and credit card payment on time. You will easily gain a good score

Credibility Information

This is where you can check your financial status, did you get into trouble with any legal suits. Do take note that if you have any outstanding legal issues, this could significantly affect your loan application as these issues might represent a red flag in the banks’ loan approval process.

Total Monthly Commitment

How much is your Debt to service ratio (DSR). A DSR calculation is calculated based on your monthly net income divided by the total monthly commitments. Banks regularly refer to an applicant’s DSR to determine how much loan an applicant will be given. Worry not! Through our app, all the relevant calculations and areas of a loan application will be done according to what the banks look for.

Home Loan Eligibility

Report will provide you with a selection of banks and also the ones that would give you the best rate!

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