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TECHREVO is a first-of-its-kind app, designed by a team of mortgage brokerage and tech experts to simplify the loan query process.

With TECHREVO Site now everyone is able to check their credit information and home loan eligibility.

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Introducing TR Report

A comprehensive credit report that explains your current credibility & loan eligibility


Through the use of algorithm-driven technology, we are able to obtain credit overview from various banks, increasing loan approvals up to 95%.

Financial Analysis

TechRevo captures a full record of your current and past debts, including your payment history (past 12 months). It's important to show banks your ability to purchase a property.

Home Loan Eligibility from bank

This upfront credit overview helps you understand your CCRIS issues, whether you have any legal filed against you or blacklisted from any banks. At here, you can run your credit evaluation, get your home loan eligibility in only five minutes.

Credit Score is a numerical expression based on a level analysis of a person's credit file.
Credit history are records of a borrower's responsible repayment of debts.
Legal Issue refers to debt judgements relate to court proceedings held by a magistrate in which a person owes a debt to another party.
DSR Calculation is a method used by banks to calculate whether or not you can afford the loan you're applying for.
Details on the total financial commitment, which includes the balance outstanding and the total limit for each of the credit facilities.
Home Loan Eligibility calculator calculate your maximum housing loan amount in based on your annual income and ability to service the loan.
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You will have clearer idea of the property's price range that you can afford.


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Credit Score

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Legal Issues

DSR Calculation

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Home Loan Eligibility


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Home Loan Eligibility: Up to 12 banks in Malaysia for reference

DSR Calculation: Based on your CCRIS Bank Negara Malaysia

Credit Info: Full Details of your credit information/application/history

Public Record: Bankruptcy, Legal Suits, Legal Action from banks, Special Attention Account, and Trade Bureau

Lifetime Access: PDF Report downloadable anytime

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What information does TechRevo Credit Report provide?

TechRevo Credit Report contains an individual their credit information and history, to determine bankrupt, legal filed, business exposure, special attention accounts and total commitment. Moreover, TechRevo calculates an individual DSR and maximum loan eligibility to numerous of banks in Malaysia.

How accurate is TechRevo Calculator?

90% accuracy loan eligibility up to 12 banks in Malaysia.

Did you know when will CCRIS update?

Your CCRIS information with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is updated on the 15th of every month. Therefore the information in your credit report, including your CTOS Score, will also change accordingly. We recommend that you monitor your credit report regularly.

Does TechRevo require my consent to disclose my report?

Yes. The CRA Act 2020 stipulates that your consent is required before any CRA can release your report to third parties. The consent will be given to a CRA via the consent form/application form by the credit grantor.

Can I be refused credit even if I have a good Credit Score?

Yes. Although the higher your credit score the higher the approval rate for bank loan , however, there's always risk that the bank might reject your application for other factors. Different Banks/ Lenders have their own criteria and standard in order to offer you credit.

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