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Last Updated 1st June 2021

Why bank rejected your loan application based on your CCRIS Report?

Your credit report is a record of your current and past debts, including your payment history. It is important for banks to see your ability to repay loans in the future along with other details to determine loan applicants' creditworthiness.

What information does TechRevo Credit Report provide?

TechRevo Credit Report contains an individual their credit information and history, whether the subscriber been declared bankrupt in the past, any legal filed against the subscriber, subscriber's business exposure, business ownership, any special attention accounts, subscriber total commitment.

Moreover, TechRevo calculates an individual DSR and maximum loan eligibility to numerous of banks in Malaysia.

Why bank rejected your loan application based on your CCRIS Report?

You have ongoing legal cases filed against you.

You have many missed or late payments on your outstanding loans.

You have utilized most of your credit card limit.

You have a high / >75% DSR

You are desperate and applied many banks in the past 12 months.

You have any Special Attention Accounts to your name.

Your name is listed bankruptcy in Bank Negara.

How accurate is TechRevo Calculator?

90% accuracy on loan eligibility calculator that's offer up to 12 banks in Malaysia.

I was rejected by one financial institution. What should I do?

Find out what is the error that caused the loan rejection. You may consider looking for loan assistance that able to fix your issues. It is normal to take up to 6-12 months for fixing your credit report and only reconsider apply any loan again.

However, undischarged bankrupts and wound-up companies will unlikely get loans approved regardless of which financial institutions they approach.

Can I be refused credit even if I have a good Credit Score?

Yes. Although the higher your credit score the higher the approval rate for bank loan , however, there's always risk that the bank might reject your application for other factors. Differe banks/ Lenders have their own criteria and standard in order to offer you credit.

Can I be refused credit even if I have a good Credit Score?

Yes. First, identify the reason for having a bad credit score in your credit report. Fix the problems or look for loan assistance that could help you improve your credit score. Do not frequently apply for credit, this shows your desperation for a loan and the bank will unlikely approve your bank loan.

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